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The 12-week intensive for trumpet players who want to play with effortless form and efficiency, every time they open the case...
Discover the secrets to productive practice, consistent progress, and exquisite performance - so you can live fully into your musical and professional dreams, wherever they lead you!
Presented By Tom Hooten
Principal Trumpet, LA Philharmonic
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“Why does trumpet playing look so effortless for some –
while for me, it can feel so hard?!

If you can relate …

Then read on – because this is for YOU!

Whether you’re …

  • a professional orchestra or military band player, looking to hone your skills, and uplevel your performance ...

  • in school right now, with an eye on those big auditions on the horizon (they ARE coming back!) ...

  • or in this purely for love, maybe coming back to playing after a break ...

… I guarantee you CAN learn to play with confidence, consistency, and consummate ease – just like the trumpeters you look up to (even if you feel like you’ve tried it all before!)

So tell me, if you had the opportunity to discover ...

  • what actually makes a great sound – and how to produce one easily and consistently

  • how to play with great form, efficiency and tension-free endurance – so you don’t need to factor in days of recovery after every performance

  • the secret to setting ultra-clear, personalized practice goals – which skyrocket your productivity because you know exactly what’s right for YOU do each time you open your case

  • how to master your performance mindset so that you’re no longer hostage to your nerves, and you can once again find presence and joy in your playing

  • the motivation, accountability, and discipline to create real, consistent results from every minute in the practice room

  • how finally feeling confidence and ease with your instrument will allow you to take your playing to the farthest reaches of your imagination – so you can live into your musical and professional dreams, wherever they lead you!


Or are you happy to keep on ...

→ struggling to figure out what to even practice … and how much?!

→ coming away from every session with beat-up chops and sore muscles ...

→ letting tension + anxiety sabotage your performance ... and drain all the joy out of playing?

If you’re ready to trust in yourself,
and take the opportunity to transform your musical and professional future …

I’m ready to show you what’s TRULY possible for you.

Apply Now

“Any serious student of the trumpet should seek him out"

Tom's Trumpet Mastery Course has been a great combination of innovative and creative ideas mixed with very specific techniques for improvement. He is sincerely able to relate to and understand all of the struggles the rest of us face and has real-world tested solutions or plans for seemingly all of them. Any serious student of the trumpet should be seeking him out and exploring what he has to offer.

Matthew Repucci: Trumpet Mastery summer 2020


Instead, let’s figure out how to set up the car to drive smoothly and easily on any road …


And let’s figure out how to set up your trumpet playing to make great music, effortlessly and consistently, on any stage.

But first, I have a question for you.

Have you ever told yourself something like ...

"If I play everyday with 110% effort, until I basically can’t play anymore, I must be getting better, right?"

Yeah? Thought so.

OK, here’s why that thought is keeping you spinning your wheels in unproductive practice – AND probably physically hurting you!

Imagine you just passed your driver’s test, and now you're super-excited to get started, driving your very own car!

So you climb in, start up and set off down the street. But you feel like the car isn’t responding well. It's slow and sluggish.

You decide to upgrade your engine. More horsepower is better right? (And hey, money is no object for you!)

With more power and effort, the car works a little better for a while, but it still has serious issues … and now it’s overheating too!

So you check out your cooling system, replace the waterpump, get a new radiator and thermostat … in short, you try EVERYTHING you can think of.

But still, you’re not getting the performance you want – and things are basically falling apart!  

Finally, you go get expert help. As you pull into the repair shop, the mechanic comes out with a smile and says, "Hey, you know all your tires are flat, right"

*insert palm to face*

My point is – sometimes working harder is not better.


What I’ve found in over 20 years’ trumpet-playing experience is that we need to work SMARTER, with patience and clarity on what it is we need to discover and cultivate.

There’s no point slogging away trying to make progress when all your tires are flat!

So you can finally say NO MORE! To ...

Leaving every practice session feeling like you’ve gone 5 rounds with Mike Tyson ... 

I did this way too much as a young player and I’m still feeling the consequences today! Throwing ourselves at the trumpet in an unhealthy way leads to bad habits and – even worse – negative associations with making music. There is a BIG difference between working hard to cultivate healthy skills in a sustainable way – and pushing yourself into beat-up, burned-out oblivion!!

Wasting months (years?!) of your life in the practice room, for practically zero return ... 

When we create a customized plan for your practice inside Trumpet Mastery, you’ll find that small changes have a much better chance of growing into BIG improvements. Each practice session should have a clear, attainable goal that fits into a larger vision. Nothing great was created out of chance – especially when it comes to communicating music beautifully and effectively! 

Spinning your wheels and getting almost nowhere – even after years of trying!

Putting a metric tonne of time and effort into trying all kinds of new techniques by great players, only to find yourself back in the same spot years later is super-demoralizing! I get it! That’s why, in Trumpet Mastery, I want to help you find the purpose, clarity and focus you need to perfect the techniques that matter to YOU – so you get the results you want, faster than you’d ever imagine.

When you join me inside Trumpet Mastery, you’ll not only become a better trumpet player, but also a more resilient, dynamic and responsive musician – fully equipped to live into your musical and professional dreams, wherever they lead you!

"Gives you the best opportunity to be competitive in a major audition"

Tom Hooten has left an indelible mark on my life and career. Under Tom’s mentorship over the past few years, my practice sessions have become more organized and with clear objectives. Tom’s method for audition preparation is very methodical and gives you the best opportunity to be competitive in a major audition. I followed his method in my audition preparation and found lots of success throughout the process - ultimately winning my position in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Tom's honesty as a mentor has made me a better musician, educator and person.

Dr. Erick Jovel

2nd Trumpet, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Professor of Trumpet, California State University Northridge

Erick Jovel.jpg

So let me tell you more about ...

The Trumpet Mastery Course

TRUMPET MASTERY is a highly personalized, comprehensive and fun teaching program that meets you where you are – and dives into whatever area YOU need to develop.

Through group classes, private lessons, lectures, projects and weekly open-door access to me, we’ll create a customized plan and roadmap for the exact improvements YOU want to create ...

But WAIT – where are my manners?!

I’m Tom (in case we haven’t met yet!) …

Principal Trumpet with the LA Philharmonic, Professor at USC Thornton School of Music, Yamaha Artist … and proud teacher and coach for trumpet players just like you.

And when I’m not hopping between these amazing roles (and truly thanking my lucky stars!) ... you’ll find me nursing a Chimay White and dreaming of family beach vacations and scuba-diving in the clear blue water that soothes my soul!


These days, I LOVE playing trumpet and feel incredible joy and ease creating music and telling stories through my instrument – whether on stage with the LA Phil, or at home with my wife Jennifer (also a trumpet player!) and our beautiful kids Tommy and Alex.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2000, during my undergraduate years, I was REALLY struggling. 

I was working so hard on mastering my instrument, but it was brutal – my lips were sore, I was seriously hurting, and I was in this crazy up-and-down cycle of playing–recovery–playing–recovery …

I was starting to get scared, because I knew it wasn’t sustainable – so when my grad school teacher suggested I try an embouchure change, I went for it.

But let me tell you – it sucked! I felt like a marathon runner who’d been told to “Try running in stilettos!”

For 9 months, I was an emotional and physical wreck, trying to make it work – with no result.


The real problem was, my teacher back then (great guy though he was!) didn’t ever open the door for ME to be a part of my own learning.

Not once did he ask me what I felt was happening with my playing, or how I thought we could try moving forward.

He was simply telling me his opinion, based on his experience – completely outside of my own.

That’s the moment I realized that I needed to trust my OWN instincts – to use all the information, tools and strategies at my disposal to grow and learn in a way that felt right to ME.

And that’s exactly how I coach and teach my students now.

You see, my approach helped me develop a bit of a superpower ... 

I find I can feel into each student’s experience, not just from a trumpet playing standpoint, but also psychologically and emotionally ...

In my mind, I draw a kind of spatial, mental map of what they are feeling physically, in connection with the trumpet, and also how aspects like fear, apprehension or impatience, for example, may be affecting their playing.

Which gives me a unique strength in pinpointing exactly what’s going on for each individual – and helping them plan a super-customized way forward.

Now it’s my absolute passion to use my own experience inside the Trumpet Mastery Course to help as many trumpet players as possible, to find more ease, flow and confidence with their instrument than they’ve ever known –

so they can stop hurting themselves, and finally soar to the furthest reaches of their musical and professional imaginations!

I’m genuinely SO excited to have the opportunity to join with you for the coming months on your musical journey!




OK back to the action >>>

You want to know more about the Trumpet Mastery Course? Of course you do >>>

Trumpet Mastery Course is an intensive, highly personalized and super-fun 12-week program that includes direct mentorship from me, every single week. 

→    I’ll be working with you to help bring awareness and support to areas that need improvement and to break through whatever technical limitations have been holding you back. 

→    I’ll take you “into my practice room” and not only show you the general mindset and approach that has consistently allowed me to win my orchestral jobs ...

→    but also work with you individually to help personalize your own winning practice regimen that addresses what’s been tripping you up and works with your areas of strengths.

→    We’ll also work to make the simple behavior changes, in and outside of the practice room, that are going to give you lasting results. 

→    Plus I’m including training sessions and mentorship on a whole range of different professional development topics that are going to supercharge your career readiness!

All of this will bring you a whole new level of confidence and consistency in your musical and professional life that is going to blow you away!

MTerrasi Headshot.jpg

“Pulls back the curtain on what it takes to be successful"

Tom is invested in the success of his students. He takes the time to get to know each student’s playing and has the ability to zero in on the root cause of a problem and provide effective solutions. 


In this course Tom pulls back the curtain and gives you an insight into how he works and addresses problems in his own playing and the kind of work it takes to be successful.


Michael Terrasi

Civic Orchestra of Chicago

So how exactly does all this goodness happen inside
Trumpet Mastery?

Oh it’s DETAILS you want? Then it’s details you shall have >>>

Here's what you’ll be getting from June – August 2021:

  • 12 weekly studio classes (one during each of the 12 weeks of the program) – everyone gets performance time and coaching each week

  • 12 weekly lectures – topics could include efficiency, performance anxiety, tonguing, slurs, slow practice, creativity, endurance, breathing, Stamp, Adam, Thibaud, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to request topics that YOU want to see covered

  • 1 on 1 routine planning session – to help you create your personalized practice regimen

  • 3 private lessons with me

  • Technique check-ins and feedback – you send me 1-minute videos (weekly, or as needed) so I can hear how you’re approaching lesson material and what you’re struggling with. You’ll get my response to each of your video, often with demonstrations.

  • Exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with your peers and get even more support from me and other participants

  • Guest lecturers – leading experts in different fields to help augment the program and give alternate viewpoints and guidance. Topics could include: finances, meditation, social media development, specialized trumpet techniques …

Sounds PRETTY AWESOME am I right?

BUT HEADS UP! Spots are limited, because this is such a highly personalized program – so seriously, go ahead and click below NOW to book a call with me, so we can chat through whether this is the right fit for you (before you miss the boat*!)

[*sidenote: I love boats. Don’t you?]

What's Included
Dr. Mark Ponzo.jpg

“The consummate performer and teacher"

Tom is the consummate performer and teacher. His presentations are very well planned, his lectures are totally engaging and his playing is at the highest possible level. Tom brings an intensity that engulfs the entire audience and he relates to each individual with caring, concern and inspiration. My students and colleagues alike were buzzing with excitement for weeks after his visit.


Dr. Mark Ponzo

Professor of Trumpet - Northern Illinois University

Conn-Selmer Performing Artist

Dennis Wick Performing Artist

Schilke Performing Artist

You have questions? 

Very cool! I have some answers … ⤵

How much does the program cost?

The investment for the Trumpet Mastery Course summer season is $3500. 

I get it – that probably feels like a big old chunk of cash to part with, especially right now, during the covid closures! 

So I want you to think about the massive return you’re going to see on this investment compared to all the other ways you could spend your time and money this summer. How much will it be worth to you to be able to TRANSFORM your musical and professional future – and be right at the head of the field when auditions come back?

We also have several payment plans and options available – just let me know if that sounds helpful for you.

What level should I be at to join this? 

This program is perfect for a very diverse range of experiences and backgrounds – basically, if you love trumpet and want to get better, then this is the place for you!

Plus, you’ll be grouped together for the studio classes with other participants who are best able to support you, so you’ll never feel out of your depth, or held back!

What if I'm in the military?

Perfect! There have been numerous players from military bands in previous cohorts of the program, who’ve had amazing experiences and great results – and we are super happy to help with paperwork, too.

What is the schedule like?

All the participants will be polled to create a schedule that works best for everyone – so it isn't set until people submit their availability. Obviously, it’s almost impossible to create a schedule in which everyone can attend every single call, but ...

What if I have to miss a class or lecture?

If you have to miss something, no worries! You can submit a video for the weekly studio class and I'll play it and give feedback as if you were there.  

Plus, classes are always recorded and available to you shortly afterward. All lectures by me and guests are also recorded and available throughout the course.

When are lessons?

These are scheduled through Calendly and if times available don't work, I'm happy to find something that does.


So, it’s time to choose.


Are you ready take a bet on yourself – and radically transform your musical and professional future?


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