with Tom Hooten



is for trumpet players like you, who want to learn from the BEST …

… to discover the secrets of productive practice, consistent progress, and effortless performance

(So you can finally live fully into your musical and professional dreams, wherever they lead you!)

April 9th, 10th, 11th

with Tom Hooten

Principal Trumpet, LA Philarmonic

Whether you’re …

a professional orchestra or military band player, looking to hone your skills, and uplevel your performance ...

in school right now, with an eye on those big auditions on the horizon (you KNOW they’re coming back!) ...

or in this purely for love, maybe coming back to playing after a break ...


… the fact that you’re here, tells me that you’re looking for something MORE.


Could be you’re ...

→ struggling to figure out what to practice day to day – and how much?! You feel so inconsistent, unmotivated, and your lack of progress is driving you nuts ...

→ coming away from every session with beat-up chops and sore muscles – if only you could play with form, efficiency and endurance (like the players you look up to!) so you wouldn’t need to factor in days of recovery after every performance ...

→ letting tension, nerves + anxiety totally sabotage your audition prep and performance ... and suck all the joy out of playing ...


If any of that feels familiar? 

Then HOOTCAMP is for YOU


Over 3 value-packed days, you’ll hear from leading musicians in a whole range of KEY areas, sharing experiences and expertise that will help you see how to break the patterns and habits holding you back ... 

And set you on the path to a whole new level of confidence and consistency in your musical and professional life!

Plus a live solo recital by trumpet master Tom Hooten to finish out the final day!


Tom is so spirited and genuinely excited about the trumpet that his energy has no problem coming through the screen. When that's coupled with his insane talent and penchant for problem solving trumpet issues you almost forget that it's not happening in person.

- Nikki Daley

TMC student 2020 - 21

What exactly is Hootcamp?


Hootcamp is a 3-day LIVE community event for trumpet players, including expert-led lectures and interactive talks on topics like mindset in music, audition prep and performance, how to optimize your practice productivity … and many other topics that are at the top of musicians' minds.

Hootcamp runs from April 9th - 11th, with lives sessions starting at 8am PT.

You’ll get a full schedule of all the goodness, and details of how to join us live!

At the end of our 3 days together, you’ll walk away with:

Concrete tools to optimize your performance in areas like auditions, trumpet technique, mindset for success, connection with new friends ...

The keys to building a personalized practice routine that is healthy, sustainable and right for YOU 

The inspiration, clarity and mindset tools to help you make the best decisions every day, toward your musical and professional dreams

After this event, you'll not only be fired up about what is truly possible in your own musical life, you’ll also be asking better questions and moving forward with more clarity and understanding than ever before, about what progress looks like for YOU.



Tom's methodical approach provided me new perspectives on the nature of trumpet technique and I will be digging into his advice for a long time.

- Andrew Harms

TMC Summer 2020



Here's a taste of who you'll be hearing from...



an exclusive



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Talks, lectures and performances from leading musicians

Concrete tools and techniques to improve your audition performance, mindset for success, and career development

Tips on healthy, sustainable and personalized practice routines

Inspiration and clarity to make your musical and professional dreams a reality

How much will it be worth to you to  see how to BREAK the patterns and habits holding you back, and finally get started on the path toward your musical and professional future?

(AND be right at the head of the field when auditions come back??) #justsayin

"Be competitive in a major audition"

Tom Hooten has left an indelible mark on my life and career. Under Tom’s mentorship over the past few years, my practice sessions have become more organized and with clear objectives. Tom’s method for audition preparation is very methodical and gives you the best opportunity to be competitive in a major audition. I followed his method in my audition preparation and found lots of success throughout the process - ultimately winning my position in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Tom's honesty as a mentor has made me a better musician, educator and person.

Dr. Erick Jovel

2nd Trumpet, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra